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ZIMBRA: Enable plain text authentication

  This post explains how to enable plain text authentication in Zimbra mail server, it also explains the necessary changes that needs to be made on the proxy service 1. Enable plain text authentication on Zimbra IMAP front-end by going to Configure >> Global Settings >> IMAP check the “Enable Clear Text Login” as below […]

Installing Zimbra 8.6 on CentOS 7

1. Setup hostname 2. Add entry in hosts file 3. Install dependencies yum install nmap-ncat perl perl-core sysstat 4. Download Zimbra installation file for CentOS 7 wget 5. Uncompress the file tar -xvf 6. Enter the Zimbra installation directory cd zcs-8.6.0_GA_1153.RHEL7_64.20141215151110 7. Start the installation ./ 8. Agree Software License Agreement (Type Y […]

Zimbra: Assign a dedicated Outgoing SMTP IP for a domain

Zimbra Outgoing SMTP IP per Domain   1. Add the following line in “/opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/”   sender_dependent_default_transport_maps = regexp:/opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/sdd_transport_maps.regexp   2. Create the file “/opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/sdd_transport_maps.regexp” and add the domains as below   /@example\.com$/ example_com:   3. Once done edit “/opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/” and add the below code   example_com unix – – n – – smtp -o smtp_bind_address=<dedicated […]

BASH: Script to alert when Exim mail queue is HIGH

  The following script sends an alert whenever the exim mail queue is greater than a certain threshold   #!/bin/bash if [ `/usr/sbin/exim -bpc` -ge 300 ]; then mail -s “Alert: There are over 300 Emails in the queue!” [email protected] <<EOF Server Hostname : `/bin/hostname -f` Mail IP’s (If Any): `cat /etc/mailips` Current Mail Queue […]

PHP: Script to Test Mail Delivery using SMTP Authentication

  The below script may be useful to test the mail delivery using email authentication with and without SSL Note: The script uses pear Mail function, so make sure that PEAR Mail function is installed on your server. Don’t forget to change the fields as needed … With SSL:   <?php require_once “Mail.php”; $from = […] © 2016